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Bitters and Distractions is a punk band from Long Island, New York.

All songs written by Jeremy Quitko & Travis Johnides

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Bitters and Distractions is a punk band from Long Island, New York consisting of Jeremy Quitko and Travis Johnides.

The lyrics of their songs are written by Jeremy. It references a time when he was traveling across country and eventually settled in Arvada, Colorado. While working in Arvada, he met another musician named Charles Jeffrey Fields. He and Charlie formed the band We Glew. We Glew wrote and recorded music embracing the idea of living like a nomad, that they loosely categorized as "Hobo Rock". We Glew existed as an art project as much just a rock band, producing graphics, stickers and t-shirt designs. He and Charlie eventually moved away from each other but continued to record music and make art long distance. In 2005, Jeremy decided to focus on a career as a teacher and slowly he and Charlie lost touch besides random snail-mail communication back and forth that was more abstract then informative. In 2017, Jeremy tried all lines of communication to get back in touch with Charlie, who was last living in Chicago, to no avail. The email account he had came back "no longer in service" and the phone message he left for Charlie on Charlie’s twin brother's cell phone was returned to Jeremy by someone new who had that phone number now. The absence of a dear friend inspired Jeremy to revisit lyrics he had written years ago and compose new ones about his missing friend.

When Jeremy sent the lyrics to Travis, Travis was inspired by the stories and quickly interpreted them into songs on the guitar. After years of touring the country with his former band, The Goodwill, which consisted of releasing albums nationwide and touring with and opening for bands such as My Chemical Romance, Fallout Boy, AFI, The All-American Rejects, fellow Long Islanders Taking Back Sunday and Brand New, and more, Travis started a band with his sister called We’re All Just Passing Through. After 6,000+ album downloads for this completely DIY brother/sister duo, coverage on television and in The New York Times, and more, he’s thrilled to be composing and making music with his friend, Jeremy, under the band name Bitters and Distractions.

30th --- E.P. Release Show
Beach Pub, Centerport, NY 8:00pm

11th --- Iron and Tread Anniversary Party
South Shore Dive, Sayville, NY 6:00pm

29th —- Buckley's, Valley Stream, NY 7:00pm

3rd —- Rams American Pub,
Holbrook, NY 8:00pm

6th —- Velvet Lounge, Stony Brook, NY 9:00pm


14th —- Rams American Pub, Holbrook NY 7:00pm

14th —- Beach Pub, Centerport NY 5:00pm

15th --- Sachem Public Library "Fall Festival" 11am - 4pm

18th --- Shakers Pub, Oakdale NY 8:00pm

20th --- Mr. Beerys, Bethpage NY 7:30pm

9th --- Sachem Public Library 12:00pm

15th --- Vinyl Paradise, Sayville NY 7:00pm

Promo Shots

Bitters And Distractions Kids

June 9th 2018
Sachem Public Library

July 20th 2018
Mr. Beerys

October 14th 2018
Beach Pub